Helpful Community Links and Resources

Helpful Community Links and Resources

Congratulations, you've signed on the dotted line, lined up the moving trucks, and sent your forwarding address to the post office. And now, it's time to purchase lift tickets, register the kids for school, and find the best pizza in town. We've got you covered! At Woodridge Realty Unlimited (WRU), we believe that communities transform houses into homes, and experiences into memories.

In fact, on any given day, the WRU family can be found organizing volunteers, coaching little league, or planning a Saturday golf outing. And beyond enjoying the active lifestyle of the Colorado mountains, our team members are the friendly neighbors that know the inside scoop. How do I get my water up and running? Will the elk demolish my backyard tomatoes? And…How do I sign my daughter up for Girl Scouts? You've come to the right place. Everything you need to know and more is included in our community and resources guide.

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Welcome to the top of the world. At 7,908 feet above sea level, you'll be at the apex of mountain living. Need a reason? How about skiing the runs of Olympic champions, enjoying some of the best restaurants in the mountain west, or hiking to iconic views? Beyond the famous resorts, is a close-knit community filled with families, retirees, and everybody in between. It's more than a vacationer's paradise, it just might be the hometown you've been hoping for.



Activities and Events:

Chamber of Commerce:

City of Aspen Website:

Boy Scouts:

Girl Scouts:

Aspen Fishing Guide:

Aspen Lift Tickets and Passes:

Aspen Times (Newspaper):

Aspen Daily News (Newspaper):

Aspen Snowmass (The Aspen Skiing Company): - All things for on-mountain: lift tickets, planning a stay, activities, and lots of other information about the area.

Aspen Music Festival and School:  


Learn more about Aspen through our community guide.



Despite the “snow” in Snowmass, this ski town is not a “one trick pony,” there is plenty to punctuate the entire year. The nearly 3,000 residents enjoy scenic bike paths, breathtaking mountain views, and fishing in the Gold Medal waters. Beyond the natural amenities, is a community rich in the arts, dining, and the longest running rodeo in Colorado. 



Activities & Events:

Chamber of Commerce:

Town of Snowmass Website:

Snowmass Sun (Newspaper):

Snowmass Rodeo:

Snowmass Outdoor Summer Concert Series:


Learn more about Snowmass Village through our community guide.



Basalt is filled to the brim with charm, and around every corner is a quaint home or

historic landmark. This small town of nearly 6,000 is home to many of the Valley's artists, and the area's most enthusiastic weekend warriors. Locals enjoy brag worthy galleries and equally impressive kayaking, river rafting, and fly fishing. Still not sold? The Roaring Fork River runs through the center of it all…



Activities & Events:

Chamber of Commerce:

Town of Basalt Website:

Ruedi Reservoir:

Willits Town Center:


Learn more about Basalt through our community guide.



This former ranching town of nearly 6,000 is known for warmly welcoming visitors and new residents. Carbondale's lower altitude delays blustery winter months and puts more time on the clock for spring, summer, and fall. And that means more lazy days on the river, time hiking the trails, and bike rides with the kids. Looking for scenery reminiscent of times long gone while still enjoying a local vibe full of art and charm? Look no further than Carbondale.



Activities & Events:

Chamber of Commerce:

Town of Carbondale Website:

Carbondale Rodeo:

Carbondale First Fridays:


Learn more about Carbondale through our community guide.



This town of nearly 10,000 is home to the world's largest hot springs pool, and the healing properties attract visitors from near and far. Tourism reigns supreme, but that doesn't mean Glenwood Springs isn't conducive to raising a family. Kids of all ages enjoy white water rafting, cave exploring, and the best horseback riding in the Roaring Fork Valley.



Activities & Events:

Chamber of Commerce:

City of Glenwood Springs Website:

Glenwood Hot Springs:

Strawberry Days:


Learn more about Glenwood Springs through our community guide.