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Knowledge is power when it comes to Aspen real estate. The more you know, the better equipped you are to make the right decisions when it matters most. And because of the gravity of your home purchase and the grandiose nature of the process, it can be difficult to know who to trust. The good news? At Woodridge Realty Unlimited, we forge partnerships every single day, and have a proven track record of matching you with the best service providers in the business. Overwhelmed? Don't despair. We've done the heavy lifting. In the guide below, we have provided you with who you will need, what they will do, and the local area partners that transform home shoppers into home owners.  


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Home Inspectors (HI)

You wouldn't judge a book by its cover, and the same philosophy should apply to the home buying process. Home inspectors provide a visual assessment of the home you want to buy, before you sign on the dotted line. It's important to remember that a home inspection is a thorough evaluation, but it doesn't cover everything. A HI report will allow you to ask the seller to fix problems before you take the reins. The benefit? Buyers can begin enjoying their new home on day one instead of worrying about the hassles of repairs.




When it comes to property, blurred lines can turn into battle lines. Our recommendation? Don't rely on fences, marks from lawn mowers, or your new neighbors. Hire a land surveyor to determine where your property starts and stops, before you buy or build. The power of information will prepare you for future landscaping improvements and renovations.



Soil Testing

A little dirt can cause a landslide of trouble. And that's exactly why we encourage home buyers to ask your broker if you should conduct soil testing, before pulling the purchase trigger. It could mean safeguarding your new home from erosion, gullies, mudflow, and septic catastrophes and avoiding monumental repair costs.



Home Appraisers

All mortgage lenders require an appraisal of a home's true market value, before completing your new loan. However, this process also provides an accompanying advantage. The appraiser's report includes: the current condition of the property, financial influence of the neighborhood, and recent sales history, which puts buyers in the driver's seat throughout the negotiation process. 



Radon Testing

Radon can kill the deal and potentially cause lung cancer. This dangerous gas almost always lurks in soil and can sneak through cracks in the foundation or the walls of any home. Insist that accredited testing is included in your home inspection report, and ensure that your seller has complied with local and state regulations, so that you can feel safe and secure in your new purchase.



Mortgage Lenders (ML) and Mortgage Brokers (MB)

Unless you are lucky enough to be an all cash buyer, you will need a mortgage lender.  MLs are the financial institutions that evaluate home loans and provide financing.  

A mortgage broker is the middleman between you and potential lenders. MBs work on behalf of the buyer, to find the best rates and the most competitive terms. Beyond taking on the leg work, a broker can diversify financing options, provide expert guidance, and navigate the unforeseen. Homebuyers have the flexibility to team up with either option, and we've included one stop shopping for your real estate needs.



Moving Companies

Wheels up! It's moving day, and that means you need professionals that you can trust to pack up your life, and deliver it to your new home.



Home Insurance Companies

In the midst of moving, it's easy to gloss over insuring your new home. Colorado home insurance provides coverage for wildfires, windstorms, and hail damage: the top three disasters that could wreak damage and havoc. Don't forget this critical step. State regulations require lining up coverage before starting the purchase process.



Tax Accountants

First-time homebuyer are eligible for a wide array of tax credits and advantages. From tax-free IRA withdrawals to real estate deductions, there's a lot to consider and a lot at stake. If you are a new homeowner or launching an investment property portfolio, bring on an expert. It could be the difference between a windfall and losing money.



Real Estate Lawyers

A qualified and experienced real estate professional should be able to act as a negotiator, serve as a buying and selling resource, and manage the contract aspect of the process. However, sometimes unique circumstances arise that require legal representation. Examples include: unusual purchase contracts, evicting an illegal sub-letter, or opting to rent your home prior to moving in.



Title Companies (TC)

Last, but certainly not least…it's the final step in the home buying process, and crucial for a successful sale. Title Companies ensure that the title is free and clear and provide accompanying insurance to safeguard buyers from lawsuits, disputes, and claims. TCs also supervise escrow accounts, manage the closing documents, and finally, file the paperwork that puts your new home in your name.



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The service providers are recommended but are not endorsed or guaranteed by Woodbridge Realty Unlimited. Also, please note, this is not an all-inclusive list of the options available within the Roaring Fork Valley.